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One-stop Business Licensing Program

Starting a new business can be a confusing process. There are over 1,800 business types and over 600 business licenses required from various agencies at the state level in Kentucky. Entrepreneurs can waste valuable time and resources determining which licenses are required for their particular type of business. The One-Stop Business Licensing Program was developed to cut through the 'red tape' by simplifying this process.

This program allows users to instantly receive a complete listing of all licenses that could be required at the state level. In addition to this streamlined process, users can obtain detailed information about the license or permit, such as the contact person in state government, the fees and requirements for the license, and hyperlinks to forms available on the Internet.

Assistance can also be obtained by contacting the state Business Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-626-2250.

Enter a word or words describing the business you are interested in. The search will return a list of business types containing the word you enter. You can then select a particular type of business to see the licenses needed. For example, entering "Beauty" will return "Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies, and Perfume stores" and "Beauty Salons". You can then choose "Beauty Salons" to see the licenses needed to start a beauty salon.

 Enter a business type to search for, then click the button:



This One-Stop Business Licensing Program is not intended as a replacement for specialized accounting services or legal counsel. Please use this service as a tool to help guide you in the right direction when establishing your new business.

Depending upon the specific aspects of your business, the tailored list of necessary licenses may be over-inclusive or under-inclusive. While the Secretary of State's Office designed this program, each state agency is statutorily responsible for updating their licensing information. Again, please contact the Business Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-626-2250 if you have questions or concerns.

Please note that the One-Stop Business Licensing Program contains only state licensing information. You will need to check with city, county, and federal contacts for additional licensing and permit requirements. Leads for these contacts can be found through our business resource links.

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