Candidate Filings with the County Clerk

Please note that filings with the county clerk are made at the local level and then forwarded to the Office of the Secretary of State. Those filings will be updated as they are received, but there will be a significant lag in the amount of time that the document was originally filed in the county clerk’s office and when it will appear online in the database. For specific questions about filings with county clerks, please call your local county clerk.

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Zip Date filed
NameMailing AddressCountyCityOfficeParty
Kathleen Parks4020 Garland Ave. Unit 106B
Louisville, KY 40211
JeffersonLouisvilleCounty Commissioner, C districtDemocratic Party
Brandon Ables9825 Brooks Bend Road
Louisville, KY 40258
JeffersonLouisvilleCounty Commissioner, C districtRepublican Party
Mitch Rushing9733 Hunting Ground Ct.
Louisville, KY 40228
JeffersonLouisvilleCounty Commissioner, B districtLibertarian Party
Mark Stephen Lynch17850 Bradbe Rd.
Fisherville, KY 40023
Jefferson County Commissioner, B districtNonpartisan