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 Election: 2016 General Election
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Mailing AddressOfficeDistrict/DivisionPartyDate Filed
Michael R. Murphy4300 Westchester Lane
Paducah, KY 42003
State Representative1stDemocratic Party1/21/2016
Steven Jack Rudy350 Peppers Mill Drive
Paducah, KY 42001
State Representative1stRepublican Party1/6/2016
Jesse Edward WrightP.O. Box 454
Mayfield , KY 42066
State Representative2ndDemocratic Party12/22/2015
Richard Heath438 Millers Chapel Road
Mayfield, KY 42066
State Representative2ndRepublican Party12/14/2015
Gerald Watkins4317 Pines Road
Paducah, KY 42001
State Representative3rdDemocratic Party1/12/2016
Joni S. HogancampP.O. Box 9185
Paducah, KY 42002
State Representative3rdRepublican Party12/1/2015
Lynn Bechler2359 Brown Mines Road
Marion, KY 42064
State Representative4thRepublican Party12/8/2015
Donald George Ellis725 Depot Rd.
Grand Rivers, KY 42045
State Representative4thWrite-In10/26/2016
David Ramey1705 Magnolia Drive
Murray, KY 42071
State Representative5thDemocratic Party1/4/2016
Kenny Imes4064 U.S. 641 North
Murray, KY 42071
State Representative5thRepublican Party12/7/2015
Will R. Coursey285 Oak Level-Elva Road
Symsonia, KY 42082
State Representative6thDemocratic Party1/13/2016
David P. Watson4475 Oak Level Rd.
Benton, KY 42025
State Representative6thLibertarian Party8/9/2016
Paula Rush Robinson446 Forbing Road
Benton, KY 42025
State Representative6thRepublican Party12/28/2015
Joy Gray3769 Legacy Run
Owensboro, KY 42301
State Representative7thDemocratic Party11/4/2015
Suzanne MilesP.O. Box 21592
Owensboro, KY 42304
State Representative7thRepublican Party1/15/2016
Jeffery R. Taylor1814 Hopper Court
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
State Representative8thDemocratic Party1/15/2016
Walker Wood Thomas2620 Cox Mill Road
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
State Representative8thRepublican Party1/11/2016
Myron B. Dossett491 East Nashville Street
Pembroke, KY 42266
State Representative9thRepublican Party12/16/2015
Dean Schamore625 Hooks Lane
Hardinsburg, KY 40143
State Representative10thDemocratic Party11/25/2015
T W Shortt101 Shelton Lane
Radcliff, KY 40160
State Representative10thRepublican Party1/6/2016
David A. Watkins1280 Taransay Drive
Henderson, KY 42420
State Representative11thDemocratic Party12/1/2015
Robert M. "Robby" Mills2392 Cobblestone Drive
Henderson, KY 42420
State Representative11thRepublican Party11/16/2015
James R. "Jim" TownsendP.O.Box 353
Dixon, KY 42409
State Representative12thDemocratic Party1/21/2016
Jim Gooch Jr.714 N Broadway, B-2
Providence, KY 42450
State Representative12thRepublican Party1/19/2016
Jim Glenn1001 Michaels Court
Owensboro, KY 42303
State Representative13thDemocratic Party1/5/2016
D J Johnson1333 West 12th Street
Owensboro, KY 42301
State Representative13thRepublican Party1/7/2016
Tommy ThompsonP.O. Box 458
Owensboro, KY 42302
State Representative14thDemocratic Party1/6/2016
Matt Castlen7761 Hwy 405
Maceo, KY 42355
State Representative14thRepublican Party12/16/2015
Brent Yonts232 Norman Circle
Greenville, KY 42345
State Representative15thDemocratic Party11/25/2015
Melinda Gibbons Prunty152 Hart Lane
Belton, KY 42324
State Representative15thRepublican Party1/21/2016
Martha Jane King633 Little Cliff Road
Lewisburg, KY 42256
State Representative16thDemocratic Party1/8/2016
Jason PetrieP.O. Box 397
Elkton, KY 42220
State Representative16thRepublican Party1/26/2016
Jim DeCesareP.O. Box 122
Rockfield, KY 42274
State Representative17thRepublican Party11/16/2015
Tim Moore417 Bates Road
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
State Representative18thRepublican Party12/14/2015
John Wayne SmithP.O. Box 82
Smiths Grove, KY 42171
State Representative19thDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Michael Lee MeredithP.O. Box 292
Brownsville, KY 42210
State Representative19thRepublican Party12/1/2015
Jody Richards817 Culpeper Street
Bowling Green, KY 42103
State Representative20thDemocratic Party12/2/2015
Melinda Hill2036 Quail Run Drive
Bowling Green, KY 42104
State Representative20thRepublican Party12/16/2015
Bart RowlandP.O. Box 336
Tompkinsville, KY 42167
State Representative21stRepublican Party11/18/2015
Wilson Stone1481 Jefferson School Road
Scottsville, KY 42164
State Representative22ndDemocratic Party11/9/2015
Danny J. Basil117 Trigg Court
Glasgow, KY 42141
State Representative23rdDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Steve Riley189 Blue Sky Dr.
Glasgow, KY 42141
State Representative23rdRepublican Party1/6/2016
Terry Mills690 McElroy Pike

Lebanon, KY 40033
State Representative24thDemocratic Party11/12/2015
William Brandon Reed1020 Walter Reed Road
Hodgenville, KY 42748
State Representative24thRepublican Party1/14/2016
Michael D. Dile224 Cardinal Drive
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
State Representative25thDemocratic Party11/24/2015
Jim DuPlessis102 Utah Ct.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
State Representative25thRepublican Party11/23/2015
Russell WebberP.O. Box 6605
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
State Representative26thRepublican Party11/16/2015
Jeff GreerP.O. Box 1007
Brandenburg, KY 40108
State Representative27thDemocratic Party12/14/2015
Rachelle Frazier52 Havenwood Court
Brandenburg, KY 40108
State Representative27thRepublican Party1/26/2016
Charles W. Miller3608 Gateview Circle
Louisville, KY 40272
State Representative28thDemocratic Party11/23/2015
Michael Payne13005 Lavenia Lane
Louisville, KY 40272
State Representative28thRepublican Party1/12/2016
Kevin D. Bratcher10215 Landwood Drive
Louisville, KY 40291
State Representative29thRepublican Party1/5/2016
Tom Burch4012 Lambert Ave.
Louisville, KY 40218
State Representative30thDemocratic Party11/4/2015
Waymen EddingsP.O. Box 33262
Louisville, KY 40232
State Representative30thRepublican Party1/26/2016
Steve RiggsP.O. Box 24586
Louisville, KY 40224
State Representative31stDemocratic Party12/22/2015
Sarah Provancher3732 Avon Ct.
Louisville, KY 40220
State Representative31stRepublican Party12/30/2015
Phil Moffett657 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy.
Louisville, KY 40222
State Representative32ndRepublican Party1/5/2016
Rob Walker12712 Mackinaw Dr.
Louisville, KY 40243
State Representative33rdDemocratic Party1/13/2016
Jason Michael Nemes10627 Gleneagle Place
Louisville, KY 40223
State Representative33rdRepublican Party11/12/2015
Mary Lou Marzian2007 Tyler Lane
Louisville, KY 40205
State Representative34thDemocratic Party11/17/2015
Jim Wayne1280 Royal Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204
State Representative35thDemocratic Party12/22/2015
Jerry T. MillerP.O.Box 36
Eastwood, KY 40018
State Representative36thRepublican Party12/11/2015
Jeffery M. Donohue2101 Top Hill Rd.
Fairdale, KY 40118
State Representative37thDemocratic Party11/6/2015
Mark Wilson11303 Cassidy Lane
Louisville, KY 40229
State Representative37thRepublican Party12/21/2015
McKenzie Cantrell4718 Burkley Avenue
Louisville, KY 40214
State Representative38thDemocratic Party1/7/2016
Denver "Denny" ButlerP.O. Box 9041
Louisville, KY 40209
State Representative38thRepublican Party1/25/2016
Russ Meyer106 Lone Oak Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356
State Representative39thDemocratic Party1/19/2016
Robert L. Gullette III.101 Autumn Hills Way
Nicholasville, KY 40356
State Representative39thRepublican Party1/25/2016
Dennis L. Horlander1806 Farnsley Road
Louisville, KY 40216
State Representative40thDemocratic Party12/10/2015
George Demic5108 Princewood Place
Louisville, KY 40216
State Representative40thRepublican Party1/26/2016
Attica Woodson ScottP.O. Box 11071
Louisville, KY 40251
State Representative41stDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Reginald K. MeeksP.O. Box 757
Louisville, KY 40202
State Representative42ndDemocratic Party1/26/2016
James F. Howland1800 Dixdale Avenue #46
Louisville, KY 40210
State Representative42ndRepublican Party1/26/2016
Darryl T. Owens1018 S. 4th St.
Ste. 100
Louisville, KY 40203
State Representative43rdDemocratic Party11/18/2015
John Mark Owen620 N 28th Street
Louisville, KY 40212
State Representative43rdRepublican Party1/26/2016
Joni Jenkins2010 O'Brien Ct.
Shively, KY 40216
State Representative44thDemocratic Party11/9/2015
Pam Sigler2657 Idlewood Drive
Lexington, KY 40513
State Representative45thDemocratic Party1/4/2016
Stan LeeP.O. Box 2090
Lexington, KY 40588
State Representative45thRepublican Party1/6/2016
Alan Gentry8406 Cloverport Drive
Louisville, KY 40228
State Representative46thDemocratic Party11/17/2015
Eric Crump8003 Judge Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40219
State Representative46thRepublican Party12/23/2015
Rick W. Rand307 Gills Ridge Rd.
Bedford, KY 40006
State Representative47thDemocratic Party12/15/2015
Maria Sorolis3903 Therina Way
Louisville, KY 40241
State Representative48thDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Ken FlemingP.O. Box 6573
Louisville, KY 40206
State Representative48thRepublican Party12/10/2015
Linda Howlett Belcher4804 Hickroy Hollow Lane
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
State Representative49thDemocratic Party1/11/2016
Dan Johnson275 Beechwood Circle
Mt. Washington, KY 40047
State Representative49thRepublican Party7/27/2016
James DeWeese117 Poplar Wood Drive
Bardstown, KY 40004
State Representative50thDemocratic Party1/26/2016
D. Chad McCoy447 Hutchins Ridge Road
Bardstown, KY 40004
State Representative50thRepublican Party1/26/2016
John "Bam" Carney202 Southside Ave.
Campbellsville, KY 42718
State Representative51stRepublican Party1/5/2016
Ken UpchurchP.O. Box 969
Monticello, KY 42633
State Representative52ndRepublican Party1/5/2016
James M. Sargent1078 Flygstad Lane
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
State Representative53rdDemocratic Party12/4/2015
James A. Tipton8151 Little Mount Road
Taylorsville, KY 40071
State Representative53rdRepublican Party11/18/2015
Bill Noelker116 N. First Street
Danville, KY 40422
State Representative54thDemocratic Party1/8/2016
Daniel B. ElliottP.O. Box 2082
Danville, KY 40423
State Representative54thRepublican Party1/11/2016
Tobie C. Brown2445 Bohon Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
State Representative55thDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Kim King250 Bright Leaf Drive
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
State Representative55thRepublican Party11/24/2015
James KayP.O. Box 1536
Versailles, KY 40383
State Representative56thDemocratic Party1/25/2016
Daniel A. Fister990 Sellers Mill Road
Versailles, KY 40383
State Representative56thRepublican Party1/19/2016
Derrick W. Graham157 Bellemeade Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601
State Representative57thDemocratic Party1/15/2016
Cyndi Powell Skellie301 Comanche Road
Shelbyville, KY 40065
State Representative58thDemocratic Party1/6/2016
Rob Rothenburger811 Stapleton Road
Shelbyville, KY 40065
State Representative58thRepublican Party11/25/2015
David W. OsborneP. O. Box 8
Prospect, KY 40059
State Representative59thRepublican Party1/6/2016
Sal Santoro596 Waterlot Ct.
Florence, KY 41042
State Representative60thRepublican Party12/7/2015
Kevin Napier112 Walnut Creek Drive
Georgetown, KY 40324
State Representative61stDemocratic Party1/15/2016
Brian E. Linder16 Ridgeview Circle
Dry Ridge, KY 41035
State Representative61stRepublican Party1/11/2016
Chuck Tackett134 Robinson
Georgetown, KY 40324
State Representative62ndDemocratic Party1/15/2016
Phillip Pratt700 Pocahontas Trail
Georgetown, KY 40324
State Representative62ndRepublican Party1/5/2016
Diane St. Onge203 Farmington Drive
Lakeside Park, KY 41017
State Representative63rdRepublican Party1/19/2016
Lucas Deaton10327 Charleston Lane
Independence, KY 41051
State Representative64thDemocratic Party1/25/2016
Kimberly Poore Moser3216 High Ridge Drive
Taylor Mill, KY 41015
State Representative64thRepublican Party1/21/2016
Arnold R. Simpson112 West 11th Street
Covington, KY 41011
State Representative65thDemocratic Party1/7/2016
Addia Kathryn WuchnerP.O. Box 911
Burlington, KY 41005
State Representative66thRepublican Party1/8/2016
Dennis Keene1040 Johns Hill Road
Wilder, KY 41076
State Representative67thDemocratic Party11/12/2015
Joseph M. Fischer126 Dixie Place
Fort Thomas, KY 41075
State Representative68thRepublican Party12/15/2015
Adam Koenig170 Herrington Ct.
Erlanger, KY 41018
State Representative69thRepublican Party12/30/2015
John Sims Jr.3177 Maysville Road
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
State Representative70thDemocratic Party1/21/2016
John VanMeter701 Hillcrest Drive
Maysville, KY 41056
State Representative70thRepublican Party1/7/2016
Jonathan Shell399 Deer Run Drive
Lancaster, KY 40444
State Representative71stRepublican Party1/20/2016
Sannie Overly1271 Clay-Kiser Road
Paris, KY 40361
State Representative72ndDemocratic Party1/25/2016
Curtis Kenimer311 Redmon Road
Paris, KY 40361
State Representative72ndRepublican Party1/26/2016
John M. Hendricks205 Belmont Avenue
Winchester, KY 40391
State Representative73rdDemocratic Party12/14/2015
Donna Mayfield2059 Elkin Station Road
Winchester, KY 40391
State Representative73rdRepublican Party1/11/2016
James E. DavisP.O.Box 390
Mount Sterling, KY 40353
State Representative74thDemocratic Party11/18/2015
David Hale11 Hales Lane
Wellington, KY 40387
State Representative74thRepublican Party12/16/2015
Kelly M. Flood121 Arcadia Park
Lexington, KY 40503
State Representative75thDemocratic Party12/14/2015
Gary McCollum487 Hollyhill Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
State Representative75thRepublican Party12/11/2015
Ruth Ann Palumbo10 Deepwood Drive
Lexington, KY 40505
State Representative76thDemocratic Party11/24/2015
George A. Brown Jr.424 East Fourth Street
Lexington, KY 40508
State Representative77thDemocratic Party11/13/2015
Thomas M. McKee1053 Cook Road
Cynthiana, KY 41031
State Representative78thDemocratic Party12/23/2015
Mark Hart202 W. 4th Street
Falmouth, KY 41040
State Representative78thRepublican Party11/18/2015
Susan WestromP.O. Box 22778
Lexington, KY 40522
State Representative79thDemocratic Party1/19/2016
Ken Kearns214 S. Eagle Creek Drive
Lexington, KY 40515
State Representative79thRepublican Party1/8/2016
David MeadeP.O. Box 121
Stanford, KY 40484
State Representative80thRepublican Party12/10/2015
Rita H. Smart419 W. Main St.
Richmond, KY 40475
State Representative81stDemocratic Party12/28/2015
C. Wesley Morgan239 Eastern ByPass
Richmond, KY 40475
State Representative81stRepublican Party12/18/2015
Bill Conn1460 New Zion Road
Williamsburg, KY 40769
State Representative82ndDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Regina Petrey Bunch179 Mountain Street
Williamsburg, KY 40769
State Representative82ndRepublican Party12/7/2015
Jeff HooverP.O. Box 985
Jamestown, KY 42629
State Representative83rdRepublican Party1/20/2016
Fitz Steele357 Maple St.
Hazard, KY 41701
State Representative84thDemocratic Party12/7/2015
Chris FugateP.O. Box 202
Chavies, KY 41727
State Representative84thRepublican Party1/21/2016
Tommy Turner175 Clifty Grove Church Road
Somerset, KY 42501
State Representative85thRepublican Party1/15/2016
Jim Stewart545 KY 223
Flat Lick , KY 40935
State Representative86thRepublican Party1/5/2016
Rick Nelson117 Gumwood Rd.
Middlesboro, KY 40965
State Representative87thDemocratic Party12/1/2015
Chad Shannon808 N 28th Street
Middlesboro, KY 40965
State Representative87thRepublican Party1/19/2016
Robert J. Benvenuti III.2384 Abbeywood Road
Lexington, KY 40515
State Representative88thRepublican Party1/5/2016
Marie L. RaderP.O. Box 323
McKee, KY 40447
State Representative89thRepublican Party1/11/2016
Tim CouchP.O. Box 710
Hyden, KY 41749
State Representative90thRepublican Party12/15/2015
Cluster Howard151 Pinehill Dr.
Jackson, KY 41339
State Representative91stDemocratic Party11/9/2015
Gary "Toby" HeraldP.O. Box 1602
Beattyville, KY 41311
State Representative91stRepublican Party1/25/2016
John W. ShortP.O. Box 1133
Hindman, KY 41822
State Representative92ndDemocratic Party11/12/2015
John C. Blanton1700 Coon Creek Road
Salyersville, KY 41465
State Representative92ndRepublican Party1/19/2016
Chris Harris719 Forest Hills Road
Forest Hills, KY 41527
State Representative93rdDemocratic Party11/24/2015
Norma Kirk-McCormick605 Big Lick Road
Inez, KY 41224
State Representative93rdRepublican Party1/11/2016
Angie Hatton2508 Little Dry Fork Road
Whitesburg, KY 41858
State Representative94thDemocratic Party1/26/2016
Frank D. Justice II.P.O. Box 2198
Pikeville, KY 41502
State Representative94thRepublican Party1/26/2016
Gregory D. StumboP.O. Box 1473
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
State Representative95thDemocratic Party1/20/2016
Larry D. BrownP.O. Box 550
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
State Representative95thRepublican Party1/21/2016
Josh McGuire102 Valley View Road
Grayson, KY 41143
State Representative96thDemocratic Party1/20/2016
Jill YorkP.O. Box 591
Grayson, KY 41143
State Representative96thRepublican Party1/20/2016
Hubert Collins72 Collins Dr.
Wittensville, KY 41274
State Representative97thDemocratic Party12/1/2015
William Scott Wells836 Liberty Road
West Liberty, KY 41472
State Representative97thRepublican Party11/16/2015
Lew Nicholls1205 Main Street
Greenup, KY 41144
State Representative98thDemocratic Party1/8/2016
Danny R. Bentley140 Partridge Drive
Russell, KY 41169
State Representative98thRepublican Party1/25/2016
Rocky AdkinsP.O. Box 688
Sandy Hook, KY 41171
State Representative99thDemocratic Party1/14/2016
Wynetta "Wendy" Fletcher535 Eagle Dr.
Morehead, KY 40351
State Representative99thRepublican Party12/17/2015
Kevin P. Sinnette4011 Gartin Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101
State Representative100thDemocratic Party1/20/2016
Eric Chaney10848 Cedar Drive
Catlettsburg, KY 41129
State Representative100thRepublican Party1/19/2016

Withdrawn/Deceased/Disqualified Candidates

NameSlateMailing AddressOfficeDistrict/DivisionPartyDate
Jennifer L. SteppN/a982 W Laurel River
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
State Representative49thRepublican PartyDisqualified 7/19/2016
Matt TeafordN/a2529 South Main Avenue
Highland Heights, KY 41076
State Representative67thRepublican PartyWithdrawn 9/24/2016