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 Election: 2016 General Election
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  Running Mate
Mailing AddressOfficeDistrict/DivisionPartyDate Filed
Cameron J. Blau3627 Walnut Park Dr.
Alexandria, KY 41001
District Judge17th/1stNonpartisan3/21/2016
Joseph F. Grimme31 Pentland Place
Fort Thomas , KY 41075
District Judge17th/1stNonpartisan7/26/2016
John C. Hayden110 Kentucky Dr.
Newport, KY 41071
District Judge17th/1stNonpartisan3/24/2016
Andrea Janovic39 Haywood Ct.
Fort Thomas, KY 41075
District Judge17th/1stNonpartisan6/27/2016
Abby Voelker24 Orchard Terr
Cold Spring, KY 41076
District Judge17th/1stNonpartisan7/28/2016
Jonathon C. Lee108 South 3rd Street
Harlan, KY 40831
District Judge26thNonpartisan6/20/2016
Scott LisenbeeP.O.Box 346
Harlan, KY 40831
District Judge26thNonpartisan7/18/2016
Danny Lee Lunsford Jr.P.O. Box 265
Harlan, KY 40831
District Judge26thNonpartisan6/27/2016
John A. Cook913 Fossil Creek Circle
Louisville, KY 40245
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan8/9/2016
Bob Heleringer3703 Hanover Road
Louisville, KY 40207
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan7/27/2016
Tanisha Ann Hickerson4618 Wooded Oak Circle
Louisville, KY 40245
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan7/25/2016
Jim Lesousky2635 Whittier Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan8/8/2016
Sara Michael Nicholson302 Coralberry Road
Louisville, KY 40207
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan8/9/2016
Tom Van De Rostyne2350 Page Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan8/9/2016
Stephanie C. Willis2220 Valley Vista Rd.
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge30th/10thNonpartisan8/9/2016
J. Gabriel Pendleton712 Leslie Avenue
Glasgow, KY 42141
District Judge43rdNonpartisan1/8/2016
Kathryn M. Thomas302 East Main Street
Glasgow, KY 42141
District Judge43rdNonpartisan1/11/2016
Jill Brady240 Dixon Street
Henderson, KY 42420
District Judge51st/1stNonpartisan6/3/2016
Kurt R. Denton6 Clore Court
Henderson, KY 42420
District Judge51st/1stNonpartisan6/10/2016
Anita Mindrup-Ivie1986 Wesley Drive
Henderson, KY 42420
District Judge51st/1stNonpartisan6/21/2016
Andrew M. Powell710 N. Main St.
Henderson, KY 42420
District Judge51st/1stNonpartisan6/9/2016
Don Thompson Jr.P.O. Box 384
Henderson , KY 42420
District Judge51st/1stNonpartisan8/1/2016

Withdrawn/Deceased/Disqualified Candidates

NameSlateMailing AddressOfficeDistrict/DivisionPartyDate
Daniel FarmerN/a803 Highway 1084
Baxter, KY 40806
District Judge26thNonpartisanWithdrawn 8/15/2016