Harlan, Kentucky

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Class (ending Dec. 31, 2014): 4
Class (effective Jan. 1, 2015): Home Rule
Status: Active
Incorporated: 1884-04-15
County: Harlan
Area Development CVADD
County Seat Yes
Form Of Government: Mayor - Council
Type of Election (City Officials): Non-Partisan
City Waives Primary Election (City Officials): Yes

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Submitted By Elva Nolan Morgan
Early 1900s Harlan Ky Court House
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Notes: Incorporated as Mt. Pleasant after the Indian mound upon which three of the county courthouses were built. Post office was later named Harlan Courthouse. Name changed to Harlan on March 13, 1912.
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  County Website
  Harlan County Genealogy

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  Harlan County PVA

Current Filings (KRS 81.045 to present date)
Date Filed Type Ordinance Map Status Notes
 2018-05-24  Population Estimate      U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2017: 1,551
 2016-05-19  Population Estimate      U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2015: 1,639
 2015-05-21  Population (2010)      Population Total per 2010 U.S. Decennial Census: 1,745
 2014-11-21  Declaration (TIFF) (PDF)  pursuant to HB 331 (2014)    Acknowledgment of Reclassification (Home Rule), Statement of Form of Government (Mayor-Council), Name of City, & Year of Incorporation
 2011-10-11  Appointment of County Clerk (interim)      Filed by Harlan County Judge Executive Joseph A. Grieshop
 2004-10-11  Governor's Appointment  Executive Order #2004-1125    Magistrate for the 2nd District
 2001-10-12  Annexation  Woodland Hills  MAPPABLE  
 1992-11-20  Resignation      City Council Member
 1981-07-01  KRS 81.045 Filing    MAPPABLE