Saint Mary, Kentucky

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Class (ending Dec. 31, 2014): 6
Class (effective Jan. 1, 2015): Home Rule
Status: Active
Incorporated: 1865-05-26
County: Marion
Area Development LTADD
County Seat No

Interactive Map (Courtesy Kentucky Geography Network)

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Notes: KRS 81.045 Filing missing. Actual name of city is St. Mary.
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  ADD Website

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  Marion County PVA

Current Filings (KRS 81.045 to present date)
Date Filed Type Ordinance Map Status Notes
 1986-05-23  Annexation  Ord. #4, Series 1986  UNMAPPABLE  
 1986-05-23  Annexation  Ord. #3, Series 1986  UNMAPPABLE  
 1986-05-23  Annexation  Ord. #2, Series 1986  UNMAPPABLE  
 1986-05-23  Annexation  Ord. #1, Series 1986  UNMAPPABLE  
 1981-01-01  KRS 81.045 (TIFF) (PDF)    UNMAPPABLE  Specific filing date unknown due to the submission being missing from our files. City was incorporated May 26, 1865, by an Act of the Kentucky General Assembly. The city would have been 6th Class in 1981.