Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Class (ending Dec. 31, 2014): 2
Class (effective Jan. 1, 2015): Home Rule
Status: Active
Incorporated: 1812-01-06
County: Warren
Area Development BRADD
County Seat Yes
Form Of Government: City Manager
Type of Election (City Officials): Non-Partisan
City Waives Primary Election (City Officials): Yes

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Submitted By Larry Doyle
Bowling Green City Hall

Notes: City may have been established in 1798. City named county seat on January 16, 1809. Collins' "History of Kentucky" lists incorporation date as February 12, 1810. Legislation regulating city approved by Kentucky General Assembly on January 6, 1812.
Population Estimates:
1990: 42278
1991: 42408
1992: 42769
1993: 43423
1994: 43882
1995: 44460
1996: 44852
1997: 45189
1998: 45473
1999: 45550
2000: 49433
2001: 49658
2002: 50076
2003: 50663
*Compiled by the Ky. State Data Center. Population Estimates may change as city boundaries are adjusted.
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Bruce Wilkerson
Meeting Times: 
1st & 3rd Tue 4:30pm
Office Hours: 
Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm
U.S. Decennial Census (April 1):   2000: 49,296   1990: 40,641   1980: 40,450   1970: 36,705

Current Filings (KRS 81.045 to present date)
Date Filed Type Ordinance Map Status Notes
 2018-11-15  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-183  IN PROGRESS  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG97-30
 2018-11-15  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG97-30  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing. Tract known as "South Annexation"; located off Russellville Road (1746 acres).
 2018-10-24  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-42  MAPPABLE  Sevenplace, LLC, Tract & R/W: Morgantown Road (11.80 acres)
 2018-06-22  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-28  MAPPABLE  Greenhills Development Partners, LLC., Tract located at 570 Lovers Lane: 0.629 acres
 2018-06-11  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-107  MAPPABLE  Corrects portion of KRS 81.045 filing by restating the location of Annexation Ordinance BG80-38. Tract located on Mooreland Drive: 99.11 acres.
 2018-06-11  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG80-38  MAPPABLE  Briarwood Subdivision Extension: approximately 101 acres
 2018-06-11  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-106  MAPPABLE  Corrects portion of KRS 81.045 filing by restating the location of Annexation Ordinance BG80-39. Tract bounded by Wakefield Street on the north, Hampton Drive on the east, & Hartland Subdivision to the south: 197.98 acres.
 2018-06-11  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG80-39  MAPPABLE  Contiguous to an eastern boundary of the city identified as the Jack Hunt Development Property: approximately 187 acres
 2018-06-11  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-105  MAPPABLE  Corrects portion of KRS 81.045 filing by restating the location of Annexation Ordinance BG80-4. Portion of Bent Tree Estates, Euclid Avenue: 29.69 acres.
 2018-06-11  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG80-4  MAPPABLE  Jack Hunt Farm located on Euclid Avenue & Smith Lane: 28.55 acres
 2018-06-01  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-82  MAPPABLE  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG82-37. Combines Airport Property & Airport Property (Fire Station) into one 247.00 acre tract.
 2018-06-01  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG82-37  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing.
 2018-06-01  Municipal Order (TIFF) (PDF)  2018-83  MAPPABLE  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG94-18
 2018-06-01  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG94-18  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing. Tract #1 owned by the Bowling Green-Warren County Airport Board: 13.62 acres. Tract #2 owned by the City of Bowling Green and known as the Lovers Lane Soccer Complex: 63.87 acres. Total annexed: 77.49 acres.
 2018-05-24  Population Estimate      U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2017: 67,067
 2018-04-23  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-20  MAPPABLE  Tract owned by Inter-Modal Transportation Authority located on Mizpah Road: 85.32 acres. Right-of-way: 24.03 acres. Total annexed: 109.35 acres.
 2018-04-23  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-19  MAPPABLE  Tract owned by Buhr-Rock Development, Inc., located on Lovers Lane: 22.58 acres
 2018-04-04  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-18  MAPPABLE  Tracts located at 113 & 435 Brookwood Drive, 4701 & 4801 Morgantown Road, and 453 Rigelwood Lane. Total annexed: 147.38 acres (including 3.58 acres of right-of-way).
 2018-03-13  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2018-12  MAPPABLE  Tracts located at 113 & 435 Brookwood Drive, 4701 & 4859 Morgantown Road, 453 Rigelwood Lane and 3.26 acres of right-of-way. Total annexed: 146.54 acres. RESCINDED BY ORDINANCE NO. BG 2018-18.
 2018-01-11  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-59  MAPPABLE  Greystone Properties, Inc., Tract: Morehead Road (38.21 acres)
 2017-08-28  Surveying Correction (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-33    Corrects call in description & plat for Annexation Ordinance BG2017-33 filed August 8, 2017.
 2017-08-28  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-40  MAPPABLE  Newcomb Oil Co., LLC, Tract: 7288 Louisville Road (3.12 acres)
 2017-08-08  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-33  MAPPABLE  Estate of Owen Sims Tract located at 1854 Three Springs Road: 33.87 acres. Portion of I-65 adjacent to Sims tract including rights-of-way: 12.48 acres. Total annexed: 46.35 acres.
 2017-08-08  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-32  MAPPABLE  VGF Investments, LLC, Tract: 5800 Scottsville Road (13.07 acres)
 2017-05-16  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2017-20  MAPPABLE  Tract located on Lovers Lane: 101.57 acres. Includes two parcels: Chandler Residential, LLC (91.57 acres) & BGWC Community Hospital Corp dba The Medical Center (10.00 acres).
 2016-11-04  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2016-33  MAPPABLE  Two Tracts owned by Next Phase, LLC: 6132 & 6140 Scottsville Road (6.87 total acres)
 2016-09-23  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2016-29  MAPPABLE  Natcher Parkway Holdings, LLC & Warren County School Board Tract: Bluegrass Farms Boulevard (27.57 acres). Darr, Gregory, Natcher Parkway Holdings, LLC, & Marr Tract and right-of-way: on or near Plano Road (207.216 acres). Total annexed: 234.79 acres.
 2016-05-19  Population Estimate      U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2015: 63,616
 2016-03-24  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2016-8  MAPPABLE  Living Hope Baptist Church (Missionary), Inc., Tract located between Ky 880 aka Lovers Lane & I-65 (80.37 acres)
 2015-10-02  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2015-28  MAPPABLE  Broadway United Methodist Church: 5609 Scottsville Road. Three tracts including roadway. Total annexed: 4.28 acres.
 2015-05-21  Population (2010)      Population Total per 2010 U.S. Decennial Census: 58,067
 2014-12-09  Annexation (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2014-35  MAPPABLE  Manning Tract: 1150 Morgantown Rd (3.33a). Right-of-Way Tract: US 231 (3.75a). Total annexed: 7.08 acres.
 2014-11-19  Declaration (Revised) & Ordinance (TIFF) (PDF)  BG2014-32    Acknowledgment of Reclassification (Home Rule), Statement of Form of Government (City Manager), Name of City, & Year of Incorporation. Ordinance amends city's Code of Ordinances by eliminating the primary election for the Board of Commissioners.
 2014-07-25  Declaration (TIFF) (PDF)  pursuant to HB 331 (2014)    Acknowledgment of Reclassification (Home Rule), Statement of Form of Government (City Manager), Name of City, & Year of Incorporation
 2014-07-18  Annexation  BG2014-21  MAPPABLE  Tract located at the intersection of Mt. Victor Lane & Old Lovers Lane. Browning/Avery Parcels: 23.89a; R/W: 2.35a; MYP Properties Exclusion: 0.58a. Total acreage annexed: 26.24a.
 2014-06-20  Annexation  BG2014-16  MAPPABLE  Stonehenge Corporation Tract: 2111 Morgantown Road (0.52 acres)
 2014-04-23  Annexation  BG2014-6  MAPPABLE  Sheldon Family LLC Tract (1.41a) & Plano Rd R/W (0.70a): 5575 Scottsville Road (2.11 total acres)
 2013-09-09  Annexation  BG2013-28  MAPPABLE  portion of Preston Miller Park located along Veterans' Memorial Blvd & adjacent to the Russell Sims Aquatic Park: 22.60 acres
 2013-09-09  Annexation  BG2013-27  MAPPABLE  Sims Tract: 487 Garvin Lane (0.80 acre)
 2013-04-23  Annexation  BG2013-6  MAPPABLE  Inter-Modal Transportation Authority, Inc., Tract: 1777 Glasgow Rd (56.96a). Mizpah Road R/W: 1.35a. Total annexed: 58.31a.
 2013-02-22  Annexation  BG2013-1  MAPPABLE  Smallhouse Road Partners, LLC, Tract: Smallhouse Rd nr the intersection of Cave Mill Rd (8.31a) & Right-of-Way (1.56a). Total: 9.87a.
 2011-12-05  Municipal Order  2011-217    Appointment of City Commissioner
 2011-12-05  Notification of Special Election      Special Election for Mayor was held November 8, 2011.
 2011-09-12  Municipal Order  2011-175  MAPPABLE  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG 83-37
 2011-09-12  Annexation  BG83-37  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing
 2011-08-22  Municipal Order  2011-167  MAPPABLE  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG86-55
 2011-08-22  Annexation  BG86-55  MAPPABLE  Willow Heights Subdivision: 26.95 acres
 2011-08-22  Municipal Order  2011-164  MAPPABLE  Restates the location of Annexation Ordinance BG85-4
 2011-08-22  Annexation  BG85-4  MAPPABLE  Tract located north of Farmgate Subdivision: 14.24 acres
 2011-02-21  Notification of Appointment & Vacancy      Mayor and City Commissioner
 2010-09-30  Annexation  BG2010-24  MAPPABLE  Greenwood Lane r/w: 3.22 acres
 2009-09-03  Annexation  BG2009-23  MAPPABLE  Portions of Lots 5 & 7, Cherry Farms Subdivision: 7.03 acres
 2008-08-28  Annexation  BG2008-42  MAPPABLE  Whitesboro Subdivision: 2 Parcels (10.12 acres & 5.32 acres)
 2008-07-22  Annexation  BG2008-22  MAPPABLE  Penick Tract: 860 Glasgow Road (0.918 acre)
 2008-03-07  Annexation  BG2008-13  MAPPABLE  Tract located near Cedar Wood Way & Smallhouse Road: 16.92 acres
 2007-05-25  Annexation  BG2007-19  MAPPABLE  Bogle Tracts: 4917 Russellville Rd & 185 Memphis Junction Rd (44.09 acres)
 2007-05-25  Annexation  BG2007-18  MAPPABLE  Coleman Tract: near the intersection of Cave Mill Rd & Smallhouse Rd (11.23 acres)
 2007-04-04  Annexation  BG2007-5  MAPPABLE  Mt. Victor Tract: 29.28a (Lovers Lane Acres Sec II excluded)
 2006-06-27  Annexation  BG2006-12  MAPPABLE  EPI Investments, LLC Tract: Cumberland Trace Rd & Old Scottsville Rd (24.81 acres)
 2006-05-01  Deannexation  BG2006-9  MAPPABLE  Housing Authority Tract: 44.838 acres (Double Springs Road)
 2005-10-12  Annexation  BG2005-43  MAPPABLE  135.302 acres: Southern Ky. Land, LLC
 2005-06-29  Annexation  BG2005-23  MAPPABLE  57.738 acres: Lovers Lane Land & Farm, LLC
 2005-06-13  Annexation  BG2005-18  MAPPABLE  89.12 acres: 634 Lovers Lane & 530 Lovers Lane
 2005-01-06  Annexation  BG2004-53  MAPPABLE  28.31 acres on Glasgow Road
 2005-01-04  Annexation  BG2004-69  MAPPABLE  Two Parcels: 2.1477 acres. (Diemer Tracts)
 2004-04-29  Annexation  BG2004-15  MAPPABLE  Duvall Tracts
 2004-04-05  Annexation  BG2004-9  MAPPABLE  Evans Property Co., LLC, Tract: intersection of Veterans Memorial Blvd & US 231 (10.74a)
 2003-06-30  Annexation  BG2003-35  MAPPABLE  Herrington Tracts: 1122 Glasgow Rd & 839 Mizpah Rd (146.80 total acres)
 2003-06-30  Annexation  BG2003-28  MAPPABLE  Reg. Dev. Authority, Hale, Stahl, & CSX Transportation, Inc., Tract: Glasgow Road (525.40 acres)
 2003-06-02  Annexation  BG2003-25  MAPPABLE  South Central Ky Regional Development Authority Tract: 7662 Louisville Rd (15.08)
 2003-05-05  Annexation  BG2002-54  MAPPABLE  English & Crutcher Tract: SE intersection of Morgantown Rd & Veterans Memorial Blvd (5.36a)
 2002-03-26  Annexation  BG2002-16  MAPPABLE  Economic Dev. Auth. Tract (45.08a) & Reg. Dev. Auth. Tract (115.67a): US 68 & US 31W (165.33a total)
 2002-03-12  Annexation  BG2002-10  MAPPABLE  Lots 12,13,14,15, & 16 of Greenwood Heights Subdivision: Scottsville Rd & Peachtree Lane (4.75a)
 2002-02-25  Annexation  BG2002-9  MAPPABLE  Lots 465 & 466, Briarwood Manor Section 16, Phase I: 2097 Cemetery Rd (2.52 acres)
 2001-11-29  Annexation  BG2001-54  MAPPABLE  Cummings, Snodgrass, Buchanon, & Scotty's Dev. Co., Tract: Peachtree Lane-Scottsville Rd (638.91a)
 2001-11-13  Annexation  BG2001-47  MAPPABLE  Grimes Tract: Lovers Lane (13.86 acres)
 2001-10-05  Annexation  BG2001-44  MAPPABLE  Housing Authority Tract: Double Springs Rd (37.12a). Note: Description combined with BG2001-43.
 2001-10-05  Annexation  BG2001-43  MAPPABLE  Hands & Wabuck, LLC Tract: Double Springs Rd (13.9a). Note: Description combined with BG2001-44.
 1999-09-10  Annexation  BG99-39  MAPPABLE  Greenwood Development, Inc., Tract: US 231 aka Scottsville Rd (19.93 acres)
 1999-07-07  Annexation  BG99-25  MAPPABLE  Baker & Hilliard Tract: 389 Blue Level Road (41.26 acres)
 1999-07-07  Annexation  BG99-24  MAPPABLE  McCoy/Baker & Hilliard, Inc., Tract: 389 Blue Level Road (12.19 acres)
 1999-04-28  Annexation  BG99-08  MAPPABLE  3.41 acres of right-of-way for parcels annexed by BG97-30 & BG98-42: McClellan Road
 1999-04-28  Annexation  BG99-07  MAPPABLE  905' of right-of-way for parcels annexed by BG98-7: Cal Batsel Road
 1998-10-28  Annexation  BG98-49  MAPPABLE  Briarwood Manor, Section 16, Phase I, Tract: 8.19 acres
 1998-08-24  Annexation  BG98-42  MAPPABLE  Berry Tract: south of the Industrial Park on Nashville Road (255.524 acres)
 1998-07-28  Annexation  BG98-36  MAPPABLE  Allen, Tarter, & Stonehenge Corp. Tract: Natcher Parkway & Morgantown Rd (91.95 acres)
 1998-07-28  Annexation  BG98-37  MAPPABLE  Stonehenge Corporation Tract: Veterans Memorial Boulevard & Morgantown Rd (20.17a)
 1998-03-06  Annexation  BG98-7  MAPPABLE  Five Parcels owned by Murphy & Scott Development: Cal Batsel Road (unknown acreage)
 1997-08-22  Annexation  BG97-30  UNMAPPABLE  Tract known as "South Annexation"; located off Russellville Road (1746 acres)
 1996-12-06  Annexation  BG96-50  MAPPABLE  Greenwood Industrial Park Major Subdivision: I-65 & Natcher Parkway (224.19 acres)
 1996-10-18  Correction  BG96-35  MAPPABLE  Corrected Acreage: 2.5648 acres
 1996-10-07  Annexation  BG96-35  MAPPABLE  Hendrick/Kirby Tract: 750 Lovers Lane (2.1062 acres)
 1996-09-12  Annexation  BG96-33  MAPPABLE  English Estate & Stonehenge Corp. Tract: Hobson Lane (58.51 acres)
 1996-03-12  Annexation  BG96-6  MAPPABLE  Lots 49, 50, & 51, Steeplechase Subdivision, Section III: 0.70 acre
 1995-09-01  Annexation  BG95-34  MAPPABLE  Traughber Tract: Briarwood Subdivision, Section 16 (2.04 acres)
 1995-09-01  Annexation  BG94-46  MAPPABLE  Lewis Group, Sims, Howell, & Collins Tract: Three Springs Road (67.65 acres)
 1995-06-30  Annexation  BG95-20  MAPPABLE  Tract 1: English Estate, Hobson Lane (20.26a); Tract 2: Hobson Lane R/W at Stonehenge Ave (2.85a)
 1995-05-11  Annexation  BG95-14  MAPPABLE  Girkin Tract: Louisville Road (1 acre)
 1995-05-11  Annexation  BG95-13  MAPPABLE  Hale Tract: Louisville Road (0.28 acre)
 1995-01-03  Annexation  BG94-48  MAPPABLE  Louisville Road Tract (Multiple Owners): 644.8 acres
 1995-01-03  Annexation  BG94-44  MAPPABLE  Borden (Netherton), Hardcastle, Tygrett, & Smith Tract: Middlebridge Road (310.60 acres)
 1994-06-28  Annexation  BG94-23  MAPPABLE  Hightower Tract: Cumberland Trace (43.21 acres)
 1994-05-27  Annexation  BG94-16  MAPPABLE  Industrial Authority III, Inc., Tract: Nashville Road (271.347 acres)
 1994-05-27  Annexation  BG94-18  MAPPABLE  Lovers Lane Tract: 77.5 acres
 1992-06-29  Revised Census Count      Population: 41,688 (1990)
 1991-03-08  Annexation  BG91-9  MAPPABLE  Tract owned by Industrial Park Authority & railroad r/w: 201.38 acres
 1990-08-27  Annexation  BG90-45  MAPPABLE  Meadowwood Estates Tract (Multiple Owners): 5.54 acres
 1990-04-20  Annexation  BG90-18  MAPPABLE  Reeves & Tarter Tract: US 31-South (68.05 acres)
 1989-08-18  Annexation  BG89-42  MAPPABLE  Board of Education Tract (Natcher Elementary School): Cave Mill Road (29.81 acres)
 1989-04-24  Annexation  BG89-11  MAPPABLE  PM Development Co., John Matheny, Partner, Tract: 3132 Smallhouse Road (0.41 acre)
 1989-04-24  Annexation  BG89-12  MAPPABLE  Hodge Tract: intersection of Euclid Avenue & Smith Court (1.03 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG88-13  MAPPABLE  Teakwood Court & Ragland Estates: 83.71 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG82-5  MAPPABLE  Convention Commission/Bryant Tract: west r/w Greenwood Way (40 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-15  MAPPABLE  Tract located east of South Park Drive & west of City-County Airport: 299.05 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG82-3  MAPPABLE  Loving Property located at the rear of Hobson Grove Park: 8.7 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG82-4  MAPPABLE  Bogle & Phelps Tract: SE side of US 68 (12 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG82-37  UNMAPPABLE  Tract 1: City-County Airport (200 acres); Tract 2: Fire Station Tract (2.28 acres).
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG83-4  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG83-37  MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG83-29  MAPPABLE  Union Underwear Tract: west r/w I-65 (80 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG84-49  MAPPABLE  Ewing Ford Road Tract: 26.67 acres
 1988-06-28  Budget Amendment  BG86-4    Amends city's budget for 1985-1986
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG86-3  MAPPABLE  Tract located on Lovers Lane: 1.96 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-49  MAPPABLE  Tract located in Smallhouse Rd area from Campbell Lane to near Walnut Avenue: 21.38a
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-17  MAPPABLE  Tract located north of Farmgate Subdivision & west of Mitchell Heights Subdivision: 189 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-16  MAPPABLE  Tract located west of City-County Airport & east of Lovers Lane: 75.2 acres
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-13  MAPPABLE  Wade Tract: Smallhouse Road (5.83 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG88-1  MAPPABLE  Portion of Lot 40 (Revised), Brite Industrial Park, Section I: Scottsville Rd (52.74 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG87-4  MAPPABLE  Martens Tract: 5301 Scottsville Road (4.74 acres)
 1988-06-28  Annexation  BG88-34  MAPPABLE  LDS Church & Beddington Park Subdivision: nr Cave Mill Rd & Smallhouse Rd (19.36a)
 1983-08-22  Annexation  BG83-37  MAPPABLE  Finalized Intent Ordinance 83-20. Middle Bridge Rd r/w near Union Underwear Tract: 1.91a.
 1983-08-22  Intent to Annex  BG83-20  UNMAPPABLE  
 1983-04-11  Annexation  BG83-4  MAPPABLE  W & T, Inc. Tract: north side of Lovers Lane (12.77 acres)
 1981-06-23  KRS 81.045 Filing    MAPPABLE