Winding Falls, Kentucky

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Class: 6
Status: Active
Incorporated: 1977-06-15
County: Jefferson
Area Development KIPDA
County Seat No

Interactive Map (Courtesy Kentucky Geography Network)

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Notes: 1980 population: 454
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  Jefferson County PVA

Current Filings (KRS 81.045 to present date)
Date Filed Type Ordinance Map Status Notes
 1981-07-02  KRS 81.045 Filing    MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing
 1981-06-22  KRS 81.045 Filing    MAPPABLE  Duplicate Filing
 1981-05-05  KRS 81.045 Filing    MAPPABLE  

Pre KRS 81.045 Filings (1942 to July 15, 1980)
Date Filed Type Ordinance Notes
 1977-08-19  Incorporation  #229978, Bk. 12, pgs. 625-6  Jefferson Circuit Court Judgment