Mapping Comments

City      Springfield
Ordinance      88-004
Comments      Absorbed by ordinance 96-003. Due to one of the calls a piece of the ordinance in the southeast corner stretches farther than it should. The polygon did close and seems to fit relatively well according to the map provided by Springfield. Ordinance 88-004A and 88-004B fit closely with 88-004A, but they do not fit as close as they should with ordinance 96-003. You can see that they should all be very close together but they do have gaps. They are off centered in a few areas, which makes it difficult to determine where the errors exist. The polygon closed and attached very well to 88-004A. The point of beginning seemed to be very close as the map had predicted it to be. The polygon closed and fit well with the other ordinance. The point of beginning was easy to find and fit well.