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1.)  Shelby County (Current Location) Parent County/Counties: Jefferson
Date Approved: 6/23/1792 Date Effective: 9/1/1792
Present County Seat: Shelbyville Formation #: 12

Assumed Present Boundary: 3/3/1856

Reference:  Microfilm Roll #1 - Governor Isaac Shelby: Executive Journal & Enrolled Bills

Note:  Named for Isaac Shelby, Kentucky's first governor. He served June 4, 1792 to June 1, 1796 then again from August 24, 1812, to September 5, 1816. Led Kentucky troops in the War of 1812.

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Text of Act Creating New County: 

An ACT for Dividing the County of Jefferson. Approved June 23, 1792.

BE it enacted by the General Assembly: That from and after the first day of September next the County of Jefferson shall be divided into two distinct Counties, that is to say all that part of the said County including the following bounds to wit: Beginning on Salt River at the mouth of Plumb Creek, running thence a course that will strike Benjamin Huse’s near Boones road, and continuing the same course to a point that by running North forty five degrees west will strike the Ohio at the mouth of Eighteen mile Creek; thence up the Ohio to the mouth of Kentucky River; thence up the same to the mouth of Benson Creek; thence up the same along the Mercer line and with the same to Salt River; thence down the same to the Beginning shall be one distinct County and called by the name of Shelby and all the residue of the said County retain the name of Jefferson.

A Court for the said County of Shelby shall be held by the Justices thereof on the third Tuesday of every month after the said Division shall take place, in such manner as is provided by Law in respect to other Counties and shall be by their Commissions directed.

The Justices to be named in the Commission of the peace for the said County of Shelby shall meet at the house of Brackett Owens in the said County upon the first Court day after the said division shall take place and having taken the oaths prescribed by Law, and the Sheriff being legally qualified to act, The Justices shall proceed to appoint and qualify a Clerk and fix upon a place to hold Courts in the said County, at or as near the center thereof as the situation and convenience will admit of, and, thenceforth the said Court shall proceed to erect the public Buildings at such place, and until such buildings be completed to appoint such place for holding Courts as they may think proper. Provided always that the appointment of a place for erecting public buildings, and, of a clerk, shall not be made unless a majority of the Justices of the Court of the said County concur, but such appointments shall be postponed until some Court day when a majority shall be present, but the Court may appoint a Clerk pro tempore.

It shall be lawful for the Sheriff of the said County of Jefferson to collect or make Distress for any public dues or officers fees which shall remain unpaid by the Inhabitants thereof at the time such division shall take place and shall be accountable for the same in like manner as of this Act had not been made. And that the Court of the said County of Jefferson shall have jurisdiction in all actions and Suits in law or Equity which shall be depending before them at the time of the said division and shall try and determine the same, issue process and award Execution thereon.

And until an enumeration be made agreeable to the constitution the said County of Shelby shall be entitled to One Representative and the residue of the said County of Jefferson two Representatives.

Signed by: Isaac Shelby, Governor of Kentucky; Robert Breckinridge, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Alex. S. Bullitt, Speaker of the Senate.

REF: Microfilm Roll #1, Governor Isaac Shelby: Governor’s Journal & Enrolled Bills

Counties Involved in Boundary Change: Spencer

Text of Act Approving Boundary Change: 

CHAPTER 62. An Act more certainly to establish the dividing line between the counties of Shelby and Spencer. Approved January 22, 1827.

WHEREAS it is represented to the present General Assembly, that disputes have arisen, about the dividing line between the counties of Shelby and Spencer: Therefore,

SECTION 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the dividing line as run by Thomas Beard, commissioner and surveyor from Shelby county, and Stillwell Heady and Thomas Newman, Esqs. Commissioners from Spencer county, as recorded in the County Court clerk’s office of Spencer county, be and the same is hereby established as the dividing line between the said counties.

SECTION 2. BE it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the clerk of the County Court of Shelby, to record a copy of the report of the said surveyor and commissioners in his office; and that it shall be the duty of the County Court of Shelby county to make the said clerk a reasonable compensation for the said recording, at their next Court of Claims.

SECTION 3. BE it further enacted, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to prevent the sheriff of Shelby county, from collecting the revenue and county levies due for the year eighteen hundred and twenty-six from the citizens who live in that part of Spencer, between the lines heretofore claimed by the beforenamed county respectively, as the dividing line.

REF: “Acts of the Kentucky General Assembly”, 1827, page 70.