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Don't live in the past, vote for the future.
Your state needs you to take part - know your candidate, vote smart.
Do what's right. Make Kentucky's future bright! Vote today!
The best way to predict the future is to create it. Vote!
American by birth. Good citizen by choice. Vote!
Feeling blue? Don't know what to do? VOTE! It's a great choice for you!
Put our future in the right direction, go and vote in the next election!
Embrace your liberty! Take responsibility! Vote!
Freedom of voice is freedom of choice. Vote!
Change doesn't happen unless you make it! Take advantage of your right to vote.
Elections. Changing Kentucky one vote at a time.
Freedoms we have, freedoms we lose, are determined by the freedoms we use... VOTE
If you want a say, vote today!
Voting! Kentucky's fuel of democracy.
One small vote, one big voice!
United we stand, divided we fall, VOTE, and Kentucky will stand tall.
If you have a voice and want to be heard. Go vote to change the world.
One small ballot, one big difference.
On On U of K, Vote In Kentucky Today!
Voting is one small step for citizens, but one big step towards freedom.