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Make your mark. Do your part. Don't forget to vote smart!
People had to fight for you to have the right. Go vote!
Your opinion means so much more than what you thought it was before! Vote!
Shape Tomorrow...Vote Today
Voting unites us, silence divides us
One Thing Can Change Your Country . . . . . VOTE!!!
If you want to complain about our government, go vote and become relevant.
Unbridle your Kentuckian vote today!
Have a vision, make a decision, vote today!
No vote = no choice
If you don't vote then don't complain, so get out and do your thang. VOTE
Every Election is Determined by the People Who SHOW UP.
Vote today! It's a beautiful country. Live, love, vote!
You can't groan if you stay at home.
You have the power to vote in your town. Do it today, and don't let your founders down!
your choice your voice vote for freedom
Don't stay home and think you might. Go vote, now! The time is right!
Voting is a responsibility. Be responsible. Vote.
Be a better voter, be a better you.
Stop saying you might, do it right! Get up and go vote.