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Vote and have your say - it's the Kentucky way!
Educate, participate, legislate - make it count, rock the vote!
History can't be rewrote, but you can change the future. Go Vote!
Equal citizens. Equal freedom. Equal choice. Equal Duty!
Allegiance to freedom requires embracing civil obligation.
When you see political signs, don't just read 'em, go out and vote for freedom.
Vote for her or vote for him, your decision can cause a win!
Go vote and your a G.O.A.T.
If you care be there! Go Vote!
You have the power to change the world...all it takes is your vote.
Come once, come all come vote yall!
If you don't vote you can't complain, So get out and do your thang. VOTE
Vote for preservation, help better our nation!
Don't complain on who gets put in office, vote today its quite obvious!
V.O.T.E. Voice Your Opinions Today Everybody!!
I was born with the ability to change peoples lives. I chose not to waste it.
go vote or don't complain about the pain
Have a vision? Go vote and make the best desicion!
Be the change in the world one vote can make a change
It's your right to vote, don't waste it, vote, vote, vote
Extra extra read all about it come on and vote so your choice will be on the ballot