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Don’t stay home and think you might, go vote now, the time is right!
If you want a say, vote today!
There's nothing sweeter than to elect your leader!
Kentucky is our state, vote to make it great!
Stop the chatter, your opinions matter. Vote!
Car, plane, or even a boat, whatever you drive, get out and vote!
Don't delay, share your say on election day!
Take a note, get out and VOTE!!!!
Change the way by having a say. Vote!
Take your time, it doesn't cost you a dime! Go vote!
We are the future. We are the change. Vote.
Make a choice to have a voice! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Declare that you care and vote, but be fair!
Say it loud and say it proud! VOTE!
Don't be shy, give voting a try!
Be a part of Kentucky's voice! Vote! Make it your choice!
Use your voice and make a choice, vote!
It takes no talent, fill out the ballot!
Have a Voice, Vote Your Choice!
When you vote, this is no joke! Come on down, don't play around!
Give us hope as you vote!
Shout it out, make it loud, vote for the one that makes you proud!
Exercise your right, Vote with all your might
Don't sit there like a stick. Get up and make a pick. Vote!

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