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Don't you want a choice? Don't you want a say? Go vote today!
Freedom is as freedom does. GO VOTE!
Freedom for all so go vote y'all!
Don't hesitate to help your state! Vote today!
For our tomorrow, we take action today. Vote.
A vote today is a greater tomorrow.
Learn from yesterday, vote today, and hope for tomorrow!
Ask not what your country can do for you, but what your vote can do for your country.
Be aware, do your share, vote!
If you can't see the ballot to have your say, ask for Braille and mark a way.
Have a vision? Make a decision. Go vote!
Don't delay; vote today!
"Have a vision? Make the right decision, VOTE!"
Go show your unbridled spirit, use your voice, let us hear it! Vote!
A voting Bluegrass is music to my ear
United we stand, United we vote.
kentuckians dont horse around they race to the voting polls
Say it with a sticker (Just Voted).
Don't post it, just vote it!
Your choice. Your right. Everyone's future.