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Total salary expenditures over the selected time frame: $219,885.82
50 non-salary expenditures found:
VendorExpense TypePayment DateAmountNotes
Corey Ann Howard JacksonTravel Reimbursement 1/2/2018$82.66 
Finance, Facilities ManagementUtilities, Capitol1/2/2018$5,013.70 
KENTUCKY INTERACTIVE, LLCbanking fees1/10/2018$3,592.47 
Finance, Postal Servicespostage1/19/2018$7.06 
CardinalOffice Supplies1/23/2018$67.36 
FRANKFORT PLANT BOARD CABLE ADutilization1/23/2018$161.20 
Finance, FacilitiesEmployee ID Badges1/29/2018$16.00 
KHRISdebt service Quarterly Billing1/2/2018$590.00 
Finance, Postal Servicespostage1/3/2018$12,003.13 
AMERICAN EXPRESSLate Fee1/9/2018$39.00 
DUPLICATOR SALES AND SVCcopy charges1/9/2018$14.95 
CardinalOffice Supplies1/23/2018$132.23 
FRANKFORT PLANT BOARD CABLE ADutilization1/23/2018$190.47 
STAPLES INC. & SUBSIDIARIESLand Office Copies1/23/2018$11.87 
CardinalOffice Supplies1/23/2018$390.31 
Finance, Facilities Managementrent, Capitol Annex office1/2/2018$1,351.36 
West Payment CenterWestlaw subscription1/10/2018$441.60 
KYTC Print ServicesBusiness Cards1/10/2018$30.00 
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.Subscription1/23/2018$39.21 
CardinalOffice Supplies1/23/2018$86.53